Sensory Analysis

Sensory Analysis: Chemstamp Services,


Consumer's preference can make or break a brand.

ChemStamp services analyse

your sensorial data and

let you know what consumers want

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BIG DATA Analysis

How could be possible to extract and represent, in a clear and easy to access form, the information concealed in complex and large sets of data?

ChemSTAMP is able to follow all the steps of data analysis by means of effective and versatile data elaboration methods (chemometrics)

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Quality Monitoring of products and raw materials

Which are the most efficient instruments to improve and control a production process?

ChemSTAMP offers support to directly intervene in every step of a production process, in order to guarantee target quality specifics even before the final product is analysed

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Is it possible to “tailor” a training course on the basis of the customer’s needs?

ChemSTAMP offers a wide choice of services dedicated to training and educational dissemination as far as optimization techniques, data analysis and analytical solutions are concerned.

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