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A distinguishing aspect of the services offered by ChemSTAMP is represented by data analysis and chemometrics. In particular, data analysis benefits from the powerful methods of basic statistics and multivariate analysis methods (chemometrics).

Chemometrics allow the study and exploration of data sets characterized by a huge number of variables, through a significant help in the extraction of useful information, enhanced ways of visualization, as, for instance, by means of graphs / figures, and a general simplification in the interpretation of results. The widespread approval in the use of these methods is mainly due to their versatility, immediacy and efficiency.

The use of Chemometrics has significantly increased since the development and employment of innovative instruments, fast algorithms and computational systems, able to process and output in a short time, and often with moderate efforts, a remarkable quantity of data and meaningful results.

ChemSTAMP offers its competences in the use of Chemometrics in the context of procedure and methodology optimization (Design of Experiments), as a tool to assist in the visualization of results (Principal Component Analysis), for quantitative and qualitative purposes (Partial Least Squares Regression, Multivariate Curve Resolution etc.) and to build classification models (Discriminant Analysis, Pattern Recognition).

All these methods can be applied to different kind of data, such as discrete variables (process parameters like temperature, pressure, or concentration of chemical species), or instrumental signals. In particular, ChemSTAMP team has developed a long time experience in the analysis of Images, both classical and Multispectral ones, which, combined to a proper Multivariate Elaboration, represent a powerful and rapid instrument to gather information on the quality and the properties of a product.