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The problem of product quality is shared by most, if not all, the industrial contexts.

Up to now, quality control and certification are limited to the final product only, by means of the determination of precise commodity-related parameters, with little (if any) attention to how and how much raw materials and process parameters affect them.

This does not allow companies to answer with effective means to their needs of quality improving, costs reduction and compliance to new regulation requirements.

ChemSTAMP proposes an operative framework based on the application of on-line analytical methods, with the full support of efficient data analysis, able to intervene on the production chain and/or process in each of its steps with punctual corrections, so that the final quality is assured even before the analyses on the final product are performed (Quality by Design).

The Quality by Design approach is implementable by applying the phases of: experimental planning, multivariate data analysis of the acquired data (process variables, on-line analyzers, raw-materials, intermediate and final product properties), method and procedure optimization, development of prediction models, creation and use of customized software for model application.

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The use of our services grants the possibility of combining the need for speed, efficiency and effectiveness, with the ability of understanding in a deep way the meaningful connections (cause / effect) which characterize a process. In particular, several crucial aspects for a company’s life become possible: fast decision and action, monitoring, simultaneous control and handling over a huge number of variables acquired from control systems regarding different phases of production process / chain.

All these aspects sum up to an effective support to process and product control, by means of the synergic use of on-line instrumental analysis and Chemometrics (multivariate statistical techniques applied to chemistry).