The innovative aspect of ChemSTAMP services lies in the possibility of recovering in a single team a set of technical and expertise competences of manifest problem solving signature.



  • Use of Design of Experiments and Chemometrics techniques for data analysis
  • Knowledge and competence in the use of up-to-data and innovative analytical techniques
  • Development of models for process control which encompass the experimental planning as well as the realization of the experiments
  • Development of models for authenticity and geographical traceability
  • Implementation of at-line and on-line control systems for a significant reduction of the number of off-line tests in quality control laboratories.
  • Development of user-friendly Open Source “tailored” software, for automated production process monitoring
  • Optimization of new formulations / products in a shorter time, thanks to the use of Design of Experiments methodologies
  • A higher raw-material control to reduced the risk of out of target products. 


  • The ability of following the whole production chain and acting immediately, if necessary, in its steps
  • The ability of coupling the need for speed, efficiency and effectiveness and a deep knowledge gaining over the relevant connections (cause / effect) which characterize the process
  • The ability of taking action quickly, monitoring, controlling and handling at the same time a huge number of variables coming from control systems sampling different phases of the production process / chain.