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European (Reg.CE 178/2002) and Italian (DDL 2663) regulations force companies, especially in the Food Industry, a strict product traceability, with precise indication on every label of the origin of the product and its raw-materials. ChemSTAMP is able to offer a service addressed to improve and support the current traceability and quality systems introduced for customer, producer and product safeguard.

The most innovative analytical methodologies consider the use of “primary” and “secondary” indicators as objective markers for geographical and production chain traceability. Primary indicators allow a direct linkage among variables measured on solils of origin and the same variables acquired on the final products (Geographical traceability models). Secondary indicators are useful to verify the authenticity of a product (discrimination of substitute or counterfeit products by means of Authenticity models) by performing an extensive characterization of the phisico-chemical properties and composition of products, and the mathematical / statistical modelling of these data.

ChemSTAMP answers to these needs by taking advantage from the team’s long-standing (more than ten years) experience in the fields of:

  • Elemental content determination (alkali, alkaline earth metals, rare earths, heavy metals, etc.)
  • Isotope variation of some radiogenic elements (e.g. Isotope ratio od 87Sr/86Sr)
  • Application of spectroscopic techniques, such as Mid and Near Infrared Spectroscopies, which are fast and do not require a complex sample manipulation
  • Application of chromatographic techniques for the determination of organic compounds

The possibility of having such innovative and high-qualified systems at disposal clearly represents a significant benefit and an additional tool for customer, producer and product safeguard