Sigh, Smell, Touch, Taste and Sound

Sensory evaluation is a scientific discipline based on the analysis of reactions to stimuli perceived through the senses.




 What we do?

We analyse sensorial data for:

-New product development

-Development of internal and external preference maps

-Detection of drivers of consumer’s liking

-Monitoring panellists performance

-Monitoring the quality of food


Why we analyse sensorial data?


Quality Control. In quality control, sensory analysis allows following the sensory characteristics of the products, detecting defects or the lack of consistency of a product

Research and development. In R&D, it helps to understand why consumers like a product, how they perceive a food.

Marketing. Consumer’s preferences can make or break a brand. Analysis of sensorial data makes the commercial approach rational and helps to compare different products 


Our services will

-Define the optimum product described via the ideal sensory profile

-Give clear directions for improvement for the products

 which need to be improved

-Link sensorial profiles to food constituents or salient process parameters